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Are you engaging your customers? To what degree and how to test it?

You create a marketing campaign, but do you know if it actually working or do you just hope for the best. We hope not. Here are 5 tips you can use to test whether you are successfully engaging your audience

1. Test the crowd

You need to ensure that your Twitter followers, LinkedIn network, Facebook followers, Google+ followers, etc. are actually the people that you need following your business and that they are the people you plan to be doing business with. If you are not posting the best content to engage your customers, it will be a waste of time and you will not reap the benefits.

  • The same applies if you are not targeting the right people. 

2. Test the content

Once you have identified who the target audience, test your content on your social media sites. This is a great way to engage. You need to know what content is getting the most comments, likes, shares, etc.

  • Take notes and post content that is similar in the future to keep enjoying the benefits.

3. Test the content depth

You might get plenty of comments, tons of shares or likes, but do you actually know why you are getting them? Find out if it is your content that motivates them to actually respond.

  • This helps you to understand the issues at hand.

4. Test time of day

Whether you schedule your posts or manually post them, you should be checking to see what time in the day your posts are getting the most engagement from your customers.

  • Once you have a good idea of what content is working best, then you can figure out what time is working best. 

5. Test each site individually

You have limited time so it is better if you do your checks one social media network at a time. By doing so, you will not be taking on more than you can handle at a time. You need to make sure that you look at each of the sites that you are marketing to your customers on.

These are the five tips that when you put into practice can help you to ensure that you are engaging your customer is the best possible way and that you are maximising your marketing to your existing clients and potential clients. 



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