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Partner Trust 100How to maximize program success?

The relationship between us, as the service provider, you as an affiliate or reseller/partner and the user only works if it is built on trust and adding value. We strongly suggest referring customers to us ONLY if you feel we are the right fit for your audience and believe in our service and products as being value-adding or even superior.


Spam 100


This is the biggest "no-no". Sending unsolicited e-mail (spam) is not a good way of getting referrals and will result in removal from the program.


Newuser 100

New Users vs. Existing

Users that already exist in our database (as past or present buying customers) will not be considered referrals.
Each referral must be a new visitor. Your commission is based on the visitor becoming a customer, completing a payment and not cancelling their account before the end of the 30-day full refund period. This process has worked very well for many years because all the parties are involved in understanding the user's needs and delivering the promised value. You, as a referring affiliate do not need to be actively involved, once a visitor shows interest we work hard to maximize the chances of winning their business. 


Browsing Customer 100

Browsing and returning customer

User cookies have a 30 day life. This means a visitor can be referred to our site, browse, but ultimately not purchase during that session. As long as he or she comes back within 30 days to complete the purchase, this counts as a sale and a commission will be paid to you.


Cancellations 100

Cancellations etc.

We cannot pay you for referred customers who have been cancelled, refunded, or suspended. 


Success 100 We want to maximize the chances of you being a successful affiliate by giving you more tools than anyone else, plus guiding you through the process and making sure you playby the rules and don't get in trouble. Please review the other Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program for more detailed information.

Success Assist

We are committed to your marketing and sales success as a partner. We assist you with strategy, graphics, content, conversions, compliance, reputation and more. 


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