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If your business accepts credit cards, you need to be PCI Compliant.

The SiteLock® PCI compliance program is simply the fastest and easiest way to meet PCI security requirements for companies who accept credit card payments. Avoid non-compliance fines from your processor and reduce risk of fraud for your customers.

Benefits of SiteLock® PCI Compliance


  • Comply in Minutes
  • Avoid Fees & Fines
  • Simple Questionnaire
  • Secure Online
  • Business Transactions
  • Keep Customer
  • Data Safe

SiteLock provides a simplified self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) that intelligently guides you through the process of becoming PCI compliant, cutting down the questions you have to answer by up to 80%. In addition, we scan your site and network (if required). Even better, you can add on our PCI-certified TrueShield firewall, and make sure you easily pass the PCI scan.


How SiteLock® PCI Compliance Works

Simplified PCI DSS

Self-Assessment Questionnaire
SiteLock provides the most simplified version of the PCI self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) available. Our business-based logic pre-populates responses by section, significantly reducing the time and complexity of completing the SAQ. Depending on the way you process credit card transactions, you could be required to answer only 20% of the standard 280 questions on your own.

PCI External Scan

Once you've completed the questionnaire, your website may require a PCI scan to check for any potential security weaknesses. Our PCI compliance includes the initial scan as well as quarterly external scans for eCommerce merchants to ensure that your business is complying with all PCI standards.

Scan Results & Recommendations

Your PCI scan results are reported in easy-to-follow steps so you are aware of any identified weaknesses. SiteLock also provides a customized "Fix-it Plan" for your business, complete with policy and procedure templates that you can quickly update with your company information, move closer to compliance, and reduce your legal and financial risks.

Highest PCI DSS Compliance Rate In The Industry

We understand the needs of online business owners and we have taken the time-consuming, complex steps out of the PCI compliance process. Because our SAQ is simple and straightforward and our "fix-it" policies and templates are complete, well-documented and proven to accelerate compliance, no other provider achieves higher PCI compliance.

PCI DSS Application Guides and Tips

Throughout your application process, you will be asked a series of business process, policy and technical questions about your credit card security practices. If you need any new policies or changes, our software will customize a policy for you that you can download instantly.

Complete PCI Compliance & Website Protection

In addition to your successful completion of the PCI SAQ and remediation steps, with SiteLock as your PCI partner, you can add our PCI-compliant web application firewall, TrueShield. When you add TrueShield to your website, you gain additional protection against targeted website attacks and you are sure to meet PCI requirement 6.6 instantly.


"...We have been with various web hosting accounts throughout the years and I don’t think I would ever be writing reviews for any,
but we are truly happy with Gazelle Host. It’s been a good and we can recommend them.
If you are using Wordpress or similar CMS the hosting works fast and without any issues.
I only wish they offered more SEO products, at the time we signed up they were not so we signed up with another service
for online marketing."

Joanne Stubbs

"Had to contact (...) support twice while designing our website, on both occasions I was impressed.
The issues which seemed impossible to me, were quickly fixed, nice one! Our audience is mainly in Europe,
the servers are faster than other hosts. 5 stars!"


Marco Pezzopane

"Our website was hacked last year and didn't know what to do to resolve this.
Thanks to speedy Gazelle support we found out is that our Joomla was outdated and someone used our password.
Luckily their tech support helped out right away and since then we signed up for SiteLock. As a business, if there is anything you would expect
from an IT company is just that – the ability to help in situation like these, right?"


Ella Burkett
Web Designer

"Being a website admin, I've worked with a few webhosts, Gazelle Host is not the largest, not the cheapest (this would not be a genuine comment).
However it is down to earth, when I can pick up the phone and talk to Rob or other Geeks and get things done.
Right now, I don’t even have to worry about client’s accounts, all is working well and we are doing regular backups."


Peter Chen

"Just works! (...) it took us forever to find a web host – there are just so many out there, is that really necessary?
How do you tell the difference, it is almost nauseating, I just need to get back to work.
This one was referred by one of our clients, and it just worked, that’s it."


Chris Kennedy
Cyqlone Sports

" What Customer Service should be.
We have worked with two different hosts prior to opening our account and can say without reservation that Gazelle has the best customer support I experienced.
It is responsive, not geeky and professional. I would recommend Gazellehost to anyone.
Notable features: uptime, speed, functions (office emails)..."


Arnita Corbet
Personal User

"It’s like with any small business – you want to make sure they actually WILL be in business for years to come. (...)
I liked the fact that the company history was explained and they have been around since the early days and are not going anywhere.
That’s all I really care about."


"Have been with since 2012, running our ecommerce site. The site was designed by them too.
So for about 3 years we made over 200k in sales. This didn’t happen right away but eventually we realized how amazing ecommerce can be.
If you don’t sell your products or services online , you should consider it. Initial learning curve is steep, but once you get going it just works."

Amber S.



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