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You might be an expert in your field, a hard-working business person, a well educated academic or an experienced tradesman, but the entire process of registering domains, hosting and especially online marketing is just well and truly confusing. We can only imagine how frustrating it must be when you open a webpage and are immediately overwhelmed (before even digging into the content and menu options)


Facebook ProfileSo where do you start and why you should bother?

In this post we focus on the basics. There is no one-solution fits all. Online platforms provide us with the opportunity to chose our own pathway to creating and online presence. A great majority of us, already have a "website" - which is your facebook profile, but it is not always appropriate to direct our audience to it, especially if we are trying to separate our private and professional identities.



Start by asking yourself:

  • Why do I need a website?
    If you are promoting your small business or cause and are trying to spread the message, attract clients and subscribers, you should certainly consider launching a website.

  • Do I need to design a website?
    It is a fun learning experience. If you feel like it and have never done it, you may certainly give it a try. However if you simply don't have the time or skills do design your online presence you can consider either hiring someone to do it for you or using an automated site builder.
    Website Design
  • Do I need to promote my website?
    Probably yes. The online world is competitive and overcrowded with sites, content, portals, directories, etc. You may need to strategically invest in promotional activities in order to reach out to potential users

  • Do I need to increase traffic to my website?
    We believe that creating a value adding online community full or content that is interesting and helpful to viewers can attract a large amount of users over time in a natural "organic" fashion. However, like in many competitive fields, it is a bit of a "contact sport".
    The more people you contact or reach out to in order to generate user traffic, the more users you will be able to attract as clients, members, or supporters.


Depending on the answers to the questions above, you may decide you do need a website. What next?

  • Do I need a domain name?
    The best way to create brand awareness and ensure uniformity in you marketing message is to register your own domain name. At Gazellehost we can help you with that. An example of a domain name is
  • Do I need hosting?
    In order to ensure your website is available 24/7 and offers easy and fast way for your audience to view your message and act on it, you should consider reliable hosting. 

In our next blog posts we will share more information about this process. In the meantime, drop us a line, give as a call or place an order and we will guide you through the steps.




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