Content & Writing Packages

✓ First we work with you to select a general topic and theme. Then narrow it down depending on intended audience and the general purpose of the writing.
The more specific topic and article design, the easier it is for us to achieve the best result.
✓ Next we conduct research, prepare a draft and review initial feedback
✓ The final step is to tighten the draft and ultimately prepare the final writing.

Our focus is on easy to read articles with the users in mind. We always strongly recommend delivering a piece of writing intended to deliver the most value for the reader.
500 word professional article Price $49.95 AUD One Time Order Now
Carefully crafted and delivered program to enhance your content strategy.
This program is based in the 500 word article product, but may be enhanced to a 1000 word article.
Single website in one content area/industry. Content focused on fresh valuable content designed to engage readers
✓ 4 week run minimum (4 articles or a mix of articles infographics and media such as video)
✓ We recommend a 3 month program, but will work with your specific needs.
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The article program can be enhanced by our Website Marketing or Social Marketing products for maximum impact (recommended)
Weekly Article Program Price $99.95/mo Order Now
Content audit of a website or any written form up to 25 pages (roughly 5000 words)

The deliverable of this product is an actionable step-by-step list in order to truly improve your online content and achieve best possible results in reaching your audience.

We review if the content is original and unique. Then we answer the following questions
✓ Does it require editing, is it easy to read
✓ Does your content include calls to action, but is not too commercial sounding
✓ Should your content be enhanced, lengthened, better researched and linked to sources,
✓ Does your content have a potential to rank (Google SERP) for particular keywords?
✓ How to engage your users in a more interactive way in order to grow your community of readers and followers?
Content Audit Price $99.95 AUD One Time Order Now