Getting started with GazelleHost - Part 1

  • What nameservers should I use to point my domain name to my new hosting account?
  • What is the purpose of the folders in the home directory? Is it safe to delete them?
    The following folders must never be deleted: etc, mail, public_html, www. The mail folder holds the email for your account. The etc folder holds the password information for your email and ftp accounts.
    The public_html and www folder are linked and hold the files for your website.

    The “tmp” folder holds the files for the statistic programs that track visitors to your website. They are safe to delete if you are not interested in your site’s stats.
    The “public_ftp” folder is not used since we don’t allow anonymous ftp accounts.

  • How do I upload the files for my website to my new account?
    Use an ftp program like WS_FTP, FireFTP, CuteFTP Cyberduck (Mac) or something similar to upload the files for your website to your account on our server.
    You could also use the File Manager that’s included in your control panel.

  • Where should I place the files for my website?
    Place your files inside the public_html folder on your site.

  • How do I access the control panel that’s included with my website?
    Access the control panel at — replace with your actual domain name.

  • How do I create email accounts for my website?
    Login to your cpanel and select “add/remove email accounts” from the Email Management section of your cpanel.

  • How do I access the email online?
    You can access your email online at Replace your with your actual email address. Be sure to login with your complete email address. After you login select one of the webmail clients to read your email. Horde has lots of bells and whistles while RoundCube and SquirrelMail are pretty basic.

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