Find Softaculous in your cPanel account

This tutorial will teach you how to find Softaculous in your cPanel.

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Softaculous is an auto installer for cPanel that lets you quickly install a variety of web applications (scripts).
These applications, also called scripts, make it easy for you to make the most of your web hosting account. Some of the categories of scripts you will find in Softaculous include Blogs, Portals, Content Management Systems, E-Commerce, and Forums.

Softaculous is provided for free with every hosting account on GazelleHost. You can open your cPanel (Control Panel), and scroll down to the section called Software/Services. There you will find an icon for Softaculous. Another way to find Softaculous us to use the Find box. Begin typing Softaculous in the box. As you type, cPanel will filter out anything that doesn't match what you type. You will have the Softaculous icon in the Software/Services box when you are done. Click on the icon to open the program.

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